Reviews of The Middle Leader's Handbook

"This is without question the best single volume on middle leadership in schools. There can be no doubt that if you commit to working though this book, packed with a lifetime of experience and anecdote, you will accelerate your career path (if this is part of your plan), as well as gain insight into your own life journey, as this book helps to clarify thinking about personal motivation on the path to being an authentic human being and leader."
Guy Holloway, Headmaster, Hampton Court House

"James and Caroline have left no stone unturned in this comprehensive and insightful handbook: a must-read not only for all middle leaders, but for Headteachers too. Written in a convivial, easy-to-read style, it is firmly rooted in professional experience and packed full of WISDOM (what I shall do on Monday)."
Andrew Hammond, Headteacher, Glemsford Primary Academy

'The Middle Leaders' Handbook is an essential source of guidance and reference for aspiring and recently appointed middle leaders. Drawing on their extensive experience the authors take the reader through a comprehensive analysis of these roles offering helpful hints and advice coupled with a set of thought provoking tasks and self-evaluation tools.
Brian Lightman, former general secretary of ASCL

"A real and practical roadmap for the aspiring or new HoD. No excuses not to read it an inspirational chapter per month will work for even the most hardpressed HoD!"
Dr Helen Wright, former president of the Girls' Schools Association, former Head of St Mary's Calne

"In schools, we need positive voices, and people who see the positive, like James and Caroline. They have written this book to say, "This is what leadership actually looks like in your context, for a person just like you." here is a map, a compass, and a TripAdvisor piece of advice for each stop on the way. Just thinking about their clear structures and behaviours will make you a much better leader, even if in some instances you will choose to disagree (because we are all playing the game of "Who is Right"). But the great thing about this book is that your leadership will oftener be righter than wronger."
Dominic Salles, Assistant Principal, Chipping Campden School

"Ashmore and Clay offer the most comprehensive guide to Middle Level Leadership that I have ever seen. Taking the reader on a journey from early aspirations, through to the nuts and bolts of the job. All of the essentials for effective Middle Level Leadership are covered and clearly explained. Furthermore, the book teaches advanced management skills, whilst continuously promoting the individual style and vision of the leader. An enjoyable read and an essential guide for anyone wishing to make a success of this key role".
Mike Fairclough, Headmaster, West Rise Junior School, TES Primary School of the Year 2015

"Refreshingly down to earth, dealing with the big important challenges to face middle leaders but without any of the management speak that can make readers feel inadequate. Middle leaders are the 'spinal column' of the body of a school and their impact increasingly subject to inspection scrutiny. This book provides timely self-help support".
Dame Kathryn August DBE